Month: October 2017

GeekSet: Episode 4: We Built This Upside Down

The Geekset crew discuss The Walking Dead return (How is it holding up with the Comicbook), Stranger Things (Was the P worth it for Bob #RIPBobTheBrain), Gotham (Current Episodes & more) , The Flash (Flashpoint and current episodes), 3-6 Mafia and…

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GeekSet: Episode 3: Saiyan Muzik

The Geekset crew talks about the whole Dragon Ball Universe, favorite characaters, favorite saga, the disrespect towards Vegeta & Ultra Instinct. They also cover Supernatural, Walking Dead, this weeks Super Heroe shows and the most recent trailers…

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GeekSet: Episode 2: Certified Horror

The Geekset crew talk their favorite horror movies, top bad guys, scariest video games and more in today’s episode of Geekset.

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