Month: September 2019

Geekset Episode 46: Cristal Occasions

The Geekset crew go over Area 51, Tekashi 69, Batman and his best & worst moments for National Batman Day & kick off their Hypothetical survival series where they reveal their personal survival rates in the Natural Disaster Apocalypse, The Great Ape…

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Geekset Episode 45: Geekset Podcast @ Crunchyroll Expo 2019

The Geekset crew recap their time at Crunchyroll Expo where they talk New Crunchy City, their press coverage of the guests, the cosplayers & King Vader’s “Hood Naruto”

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Geekset’s Crunchy Roll Expo Recap

  For three days, once a year, the denizens of New Crunchy City open the gates to their Anime utopia bringing with them some of the biggest names in Anime. From Miho Okasaki to Ryo Horikawa, George Wada to Junji Ito, you can be certain that if they’ve impacted the culture, they were somewhere roaming…

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