There are classics and then there are gems.  Those games that we all played and loved but never gave them the classic acclaim that they can honestly get.  Well that stops now, here are 8 games that were FIRE!

  1. Speedy Gonzales: Los Gatos Bandidos

    • This game was truly a gem, similar to this other speedster game that I can’t seem to remember (looks around nervously) but still crazy fun.  I mean, you get to be Speedy with all his one liners and tropes, fighting against a bandit of Cats who kidnap his friends and people of the village.  The graphics were clean on the SNES and that Speedy Gonzalez kick that would send the bad guys flying was amazing.
  2. Gex 64 – Enter The Gecko

    • Before the Geico Gecko hit the scene…the world had Gex,  a secret agent, bad ass Gecko who just wanted to enjoy retirement until Rez fool ass popped back up.  (Everytime I try to get out, they keep pulling me back IN!!!)  One of the true gems on the N64, having to use Gecko skills to collect remotes and stop the bad guys.   Plus who can forget ll the pop culture puns he would make throughout the game, “Get your stinking paws off me you damn dirty ape!
  3. Jazz the JackRabbit

    • Ever wondered what it would be like if Duke Nukem was  Jack Rabbit? No? Well your lost because we got that in the 90’s and it was pure awesomeness. My first introduction into PC Gaming, I was hooked from the start.   Gun totting and blasting turtles away.
  4. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker

    • Now this game was clearly a gem of all gems.  Mirroring the Moonwalker movie, you get to be the smooth criminal himself Michael, flicking coins, crushing pool balls and moonwalking on fools left & right.
  5. Cool Spot

    • Holy product placement Batman.  7-Up has a game and its actually dope AF!  Chucking sod bubbles throw multiple stages, jumping from platform to platform, this is the game that you didn’t know you wanted but trust me you did.  Think Earthworm Jim but with major product placement like no other.  I would definitely be here for a Cool Spot return
  6. Michael Jordan Chaos in the Windy City

    • When you think of his airness, of course you think about power ups and fighting crime right?  J-Bone has to save the players for the All Star game so he travels through the windy city acquiring different basketballs that contains numerous abilities, such as freeze, explode, etc.  It wouldn’t be  a Jordan game if they didn’t let him slam dunk, which serves s his ultimate move.
  7.  SEGA’s Jurassic Park

    • Not all movie video games were bad. This side scroller gave us the same thrills the movie gave us, trying to escape the park from T-Rex & the raptors.  A classic side scrolling adventure you run across all the dinosaurs you would expect from this franchise, as Dr. Alan Grant, armed with stun guns, tranqs and flash grenades to help evade the loose dinosaurs.
  8.  Who Framed Roger Rabbit (Gameboy)

    • Saving Toon Town has never been more fun.  If you are a fan of the OG gameboy then this fits right up your alley 100%. Collecting and interacting with characters and solving objectives.