The Geekset Article Section is Relaunching!


What is happening, people! If you’ve been rocking with Geekset for the past three (four?) years you’d know that we’ve gone through many different instances. We had the OG era, the time before I joined the squad. The pre-video era, right after I joined, and finally the video era. The time where we took our podcast to YouTube and started the path on creating various other shows. Throughout it all we’ve been focused on the same thing, bringing you guys the best content we can that showcases a blend of hip-hop culture and geek culture. Today is no different. As we sit on the precipice of 100 episodes, we’re looking at what new can we bring to the table, what is next for Geekset? This brings us to a new era for Geekset, what I’m calling the post-video era.

So, what is the post video era you may ask? Does that mean that we’re stopping videos? Far from it; the post-video era is our renewed commitment to providing engaging and entertaining video content. We have so many new shows and content that is either in brainstorming or pre-production that I am extremely excited for you to see what we have in the works, but at the same time we let the blog fall off and that wasn’t fair. So today, I am extremely proud to announce our expansion of offerings with a completely revamped and renewed Geekset blog! This will allow us to be more effective in all of the things that we do as we continue to be the Only Place to Blend Hip Hop Culture and Geek Culture together in one place.

The next question is what does that mean for you, the reader? If you’ve already been reading our blog then first off thank you. You can expect a more regular release schedule for articles, over a wider variety of topics. If you are new to the blog, then welcome! You can also expect those same things, along with a back catalog of articles to enjoy. We’ve reviewed video games, talked about our experiences at conventions like C2E2 and Crunchyroll Expo, and even wished about what we want to see in big-name properties like the Star Wars Universe. When we’re at conventions, now not only will there be a podcast and video experience but an opportunity for an extensive written recap full of visuals, interviews, and recaps for fans to enjoy.

As Editor, it is my goal to make sure that this section lives up to everything that Geekset is already offering while also taking us to the next level. Like I said before, I want this to work WITH our videos to serve their purpose. 

We also want to hear from you! What are some of the things that you want to see from us? We can only get better with your feedback and support so we’d love to hear it. Find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and anywhere else that you search online. Your support means the world to us all here at Geekset, and it is no question that without it we would be anywhere near what we are now. We appreciate the journey you’ve taken with us and I know we’re extremely excited for where the journey goes next so I hope y’all are too!