Another year, another MightyCon down. MightyCon is a convention held at the State Fair Grounds in West Allis, WI showcasing some of the best in gaming, comic books, anime, and more. As you know, Geekset was there live and while the guys talked about many of the things they saw, they couldn’t hit everything. Follow this link to learn more. So, to help, I present to you some of the coolest things I saw at MightyCon. Don’t forget to follow GeeksetPodcast on Instagram & Twitter, as well as search GeekSet Podcast on facebook to see more pictures and insights from MightyCon and anywhere else GeekSet goes!

If you’ve read the recent Legionnaire’s comics, then you’ve surely seen Jeffrey Moy’s work. Outside of that, Jeffrey has been doing freelance work through his website JeffreyMoy.Com, as well as his official





Krystal Kowalczyk runs AnimeOils. Beyond just looking and seeing how amazing her art is, (I bought two prints myself!) her art has been featured on Toonami, as well as in the Milwaukee Art Museum. You can find more of Krystal’s art at, along with searching AnimeOils on Instagram, Facebook and Etsy.




Stop Watchers is comic book written and illustrated by Zak Eden. Following the adventures of Harper Wells and three “Stop Watchers”, we see as they fight their way through robots, flying objects, and cyber-enhanced fighters to figure out the answers related to why there is a criminal hired to kidnap Harper, as well as his connection to the Time Stream. You can follow along with the comic as new pages are uploaded daily at, as well as follow on Twitter & Instagram at stop_watchers, or on Facebook at StopWatchers.

Fear & Sunshine is the story of a young girl who finds her place as heiress to the greatest monster-making dynasty there ever was. Written by Donovan Scherer, this young adult series is full of Monsters, Mad Science and Adventure. You can find the entire series on Amazon, as well as on the official website FearAndSunshine.Com






These are all Funko Pop figures that were exclusives from different conventions around the country. That Planet Arlia Vegeta is worth an estimated $1,500!