Ladies and Gentlemen, e3 2019 is upon us! It’s that time of year where the gaming industry shows us their latest and greatest, and even though there are some major absences (Sony,) there is still so much more to be excited by. Here at Geekset, we’re ready to take in all of the gaming news and share our thoughts with some of our favorite moments. Keep a heads up on our website, and social media for insights to e3.

First up is the EA Play press conference, EA showcased some of their latest and greatest including Madden 2020, FIFA 2020, some updates to Battlefield V and my two highlights, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order and the upcoming updates to Apex Legends.Image result for ea play

Leading off EA Play, Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order showcased 15 minutes of game play, and in that time, we definitely got a lot. First impression in, I can say that the force is definitely alive in the Fallen Order. The lightsaber fighting looked extremely fluid and the usage of force powers was well integrated into overall game play. One extremely cool moment was when the main character, Cal used the force to catch a storm trooper’s shot in mid-air and then grabbed the storm trooper to pull him into the shot. It really illustrated the power of the force you’ll be able to command in this game. We also saw a little bit on how the environment will interact with you, and from what we were able to see, the wildlife of Kashyyyk will kill you. Coming out November 15, this game is definitely one that I can’t wait to see.

Also being highlighted at EA Play was the upcoming Season 2 of Apex Legends. Releasing July 2, Battle Charge will debut a new weapon called the L Star (which you’ll remember if you’ve played Titanfall 2,) Image result for apex legends season 2along with a new Apex Legend, Wattson. Wattson is a defensive character coming with the ability to create electric fences, a character who has essentially grew up in the arena, Wattson will be a character for legends to use their mastery of the map to their advantage. Her passive ability will also mean that Lifeline mains will no longer horde the ultimate accelerates, as using them as Wattson will 100% max out your ultimate. Other highlights of the Apex conference are the new legendary hunt, including an elite queue for players who place in the top 5, ranked mode matchmaking through 6 different tiers, and the battlepass becoming challenge based over time based. Respawn has really stepped in to continuing to bring more to Apex as the game continues to grow and evolve.

Interesting to note throughout all of the excitement, the was one major thing missing. Touted as the next great looter shooter, Anthem has been plagued with a rocky launch and troubles throughout its lifespan so far. Their big update, the Cataclysm, is currently on the public test server via PC, but short of that any other news has been few and far in between. Fans are getting frustrated at the lack fixes, and lack of news, so for it to not have a showing here at EA Play was surprising and frankly, kind of troubling. It’d be interesting to see where things go from there.

Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to go through this e3 week as Geekset continues to share some of the highlights we’ve seen and share our thoughts as well.