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Fan Panel submissions open up at this years Crunchyroll Expo

This is not a drill. If you’re  creator now is definitely the time to pay attention.   Crunhyroll is essentially the hub for everything anime, you want to get into the culture, this is a great place to start.  Every yer Crunchyroll throws their convention, Crunchyroll Expo, a convention celebrating the best and brightest in anime. A yearly celebration of Japanese animation, and is created especially for anime fans. The convention takes place September 4 – 6 at the San Jose convention center, and this year they made some changes, one of them being  Fan Panel Submission.

So what is  fan panel submission? 

Well it’s content that is curated by a creator such s yourself, whether that is fan-produced entertainment, panels, meet-ups, etc. This is a content creators dream chance to attend a major con and actually have  spot to speak to  massive audience all at once.

So now, let’s talk strategy…How will you stand out? Here’s a few tips straight from the powers at be:


  • Think about what you can give your fellow anime fans. New information, new points of view, interactive experiences, some new dance moves, a few good laughs…anything that’s presented in a spirit of sharing will be much more appropriate than simple self or group promotion. 

  • There are tried and true favorite topics and events, but give your idea a new twist to set it apart. Ask yourself how has this event has been presented before, and then decide how you can change it up to give fellow fans a fresh point of view, or a fresh experience.

  • Be organized. Be clear. Do tell us what you will do, how you will do it, how long it will take, who you will do it with, and what you’ll need for your event specifically and concisely. 

  • Remember we welcome submissions from the spectrum of anime fandoms, and the spectrum of anime fans!

  • Think creatively! If you have an idea that you’ve never seen done before at an anime con, maybe it’s time we do it!

  • Be on time. The last day to submit your fan programming submissions is May 7, 2020. No submissions will be accepted after this time. 

Submissions are open NOW! and will close May 7th, 2020 and space is very limited.  Click Here to submit your idea and may the Hokage’s, God of Destruction’s, Wizard King & King of the Pirates look over your submission and wield it into fruition.   [See what I did there? lol]

Good Luck to all & see you in San Jose


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