What’s happening people! One of our favorite parts of the podcast over here at Geekset is the chance to get you guys some recommendations. It always serves as our opportunity to go ahead and show our community something that we may or may not have had a chance to talk about fully on the show, but we feel strongly that you all should know about it. With our efforts to help bring you more suggestions, here are some off-episode recommendations!

Midnight Mass is a Netflix mini-series in which an isolated island community already divided is even more flipped on its head when one of their disgraced resident’s returns and a mysterious priest arrives into town. There are 7 episodes streaming now, with no current plans for a second season.

The Movies That Made Us is a Netflix series the goes behind the curtain of some of your favorite movies. This documentary series is currently in its third season, and just in time for Halloween, they are covering a multitude of movies including Halloween, Friday the 13th, and Aliens. In total there are 16 episodes streaming.

Scarlet Nexus is an action RPG game developed by Bandai. Set in 2020, mysterious beings called others have been eating people. The Other Suppression Force is formed in order to save the population from these monsters, but strange things are starting to happen within the OSF and it is up to Kasane & Yuto to make sense of it all. Scarlet Nexus is available on all major platforms, and also has a companion anime streaming on Funimation.

No One Gets Out Alive is a British horror film based on a 2014 novel of the same name. The movie tells the story of Ambar, an immigrant in search of the American Dream. When she’s forced to start living at a boarding house, she quickly finds herself in a nightmare she can’t escape. No One Gets Out Alive is streaming now on Netflix.

Also if you happened to miss out on our recommendations from last episode, check out our most recent episode below, and check them out! Let us know what you thought about our recommendations, and give us some of your own! We’re always loving the chance to learn about new content.

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