Infinity Wars Prime #1 starts off by placing us at the precipice of war. Following the Infinity Countdown event, during which the restoration of the Multiverse has led to the re-emergence of the Infinity Stones, Prime leads through us through the final acts before it all starts to go down, and before I go into my rating of the comic itself, I would like to give a recap of what happens.

Be warned, this has heavy spoilers.


Upon beginning we start off with Loki, who is inside the library of Omnipotence City. There we see that he is looking through the texts, unable to find a story where he is the hero, and concludes that this has to be someone’s doing. Upon speaking with Flowa, the tomekeeper of the library, they come upon a copy of a book about “familial strife and a war of worlds.” Look at this article for a more detailed description. Loki sees that the story begins with him, and is excited only to see that unfortunately this book too has been ripped. Flowa can only tell him that this tale has something to do with the God Quarry, and upon his insistence, agrees to travel along as they go investigate.


As the scene switches, we are now with Adam Warlock & Doctor Strange at Sanctum Sanctorum as they discuss the Infinity Stones, and specifically the Soulworld. Warlock is worried because he feels like it is being drained, while Strange is insistent that the Stones were destroyed. However, when asked directly if he has the time stone, Doctor strange avoids the question and asks if Adam Warlock is trying to assemble the stones (he is not.) After a battle in Doctor Strange has to use the Time Stone to save Warlock, who has been impaled by some monster in the Soulworld, it is proven that Strange indeed does have the time stone. Afterwards, the two talk about the state of the Soulworld, and how it has worsened since Doctor Strange had seen it through the dreams of Gamora. Before leaving, Adam Warlock warns Doctor Strange that Kang is looking for the stones, but beware because he’s not the only one.

As the scene switches one more time, we see who else is looking to gather the stones, the Mad Titan himself, Thanos. Here we see Thanos on Chitauri Prime rallying the Chitauri to go and gather stones, believing they are to be his, as they were before. Suddenly in the middle of his rallying speech, Thanos is impaled by a shadowy figure. Clearly knowing who this person is, Thanos asks the attacker if they’re going to conduct his requiem, to which he gets beheaded. As the Chitauri tell them that they are now their new master by way of combat, the figure simply replies that they want them to die, and releases a poisonous gas from their suit. As the comic draws to a close, we see Thanos’ gauntlet be destroyed by his attacker, and they think that the future is now blank, as the past is now dead. War has begun.

Now that we are all caught up, let’s talk about the issue as is. I think it was pretty good, definitely an issue thats get you excited about the upcoming Infinity war, and hold you over if you are having Marvel withdrawals until Captain Marvel next year. The artwork is beautiful, it has an almost haunted look to it, which really speaks to the story that is being told, and the characters are all drawn in a way that invokes what makes them familiar while still feeling fresh. Like you’re aren’t going to be wondering who’s who here, and as it goes through the arc, I’m excited to see how everyone else is going to look.


Looking at the story, there were some definite dry parts. Personally, I wasn’t really feeling the whole Loki storyline at the beginning, but as he was featured pretty frequently during the Infinity Countdown, his interactions seem like they’ll be important.

The scenes between Doctor Strange & Adam Warlock were definitely interesting, especially concerning the state of the Soulworld. At the time, we don’t know exactly what is going on there, though if you’ve read the infinity Countdown, we do know that the stone itself has somehow become twisted and dangerous, and the fear of what that means will be a driving force to go throughout this arc. There was also the brief action scene we got here, that led to Warlock being impaled, this is where you really see the desolate place the Soulworld has become, and why everyone is concerned.

Lastly, let talk about that ending. It’s the big thing that was even brought up at Comic-Con with Marvel saying someone big was going to die. I just didn’t think it would be Thanos, especially that easily. To be honest I don’t entirely know if I like that or if it was a cop out. On one hand, it really does underline the case that Marvel wanted to make here, NO ONE IS SAFE. By having Thanos die, especially in the way that he does really drives home that this attacker (Requiem, we later find out through press releases) is a badass. What sucks though, is that this doesn’t really do Thanos’ character justice. Throughout his history we’ve come to see Thanos as a powerhouse, someone who the other characters are deathly afraid of, so to see him discarded like common fodder was a bit disheartening.

As it stands though, this issue looks to be an overall good lead-in to the new Infinity War arc, there was just enough action to get you excited for what’s to come, and just enough story to get you guessing. The inclusion of Requiem, and not knowing their true identity is almost enough to get you to the next issue itself. Especially wondering how they were able to kill Thanos so easily. As I stated though, there were some drawbacks, the story stretched a little at parts, and for a lead-in issue that’s kind of troubling. I’m hoping that as we get more into the actual storyline that that’ll pick up, but even so, this has left me wanting more.

You can pick up Infinity Wars Prime #1 pretty much anywhere comicbooks are sold (I got my copy on Comixology for ~$5,) and at the time of this writing the first few issues of Infinity Wars (2018) have dropped, and I have read them so be on the lookout for my next review as I dive in!

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