WE ARE BACK with issue #2 of our ongoing series in conjunction with Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive of the NWO Podcast reviewing Suspicious Behavior Production’s Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia. This series follows the aftermath of a declaration gone wrong where Rock N’ Roll Rory Landell has just declared himself the Champion of the Universe.

Issue #2 starts with one of the sad truths of the pro wrestling business, the struggle. A family man who’s not seeing his family, especially when they need him to be the provider. A man who is constantly on the road and not making as much money as they’d like. Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia has already shown us that they will take us on a wild ride of emotions and intergalactic promos and this issue is no different.  

We’re still following our hero Rock N’ Roll Rory Landell on his road to redemption after the fallout with his former employer and manager.  Side note, the backstory following young Rory was great storytelling.  I really enjoyed the similarities between father and son.  We get to see why Rory is the way he is through his childhood. 

Another part of the fall out is with the potential invasion of extra-terrestrials; we see them building what looks to be a steel cage around the Earth and the interruption of a morning news show by the self-proclaimed “Manifest Destiny” hitting the anchor with a vicious chair shot. Manifest Destiny is the perfect heel I never knew I needed in a wrestling comic.  His promos are golden, and his charisma flows through each panel.

After announcing to the world that he was here to find out who is the “true galactic champion” and having his minions terrorize different cities all over the world, he calls out none other than our hero, Rory Landell! Challenging him to battle in the Sportatorium in St. Paul, Minnesota.

In pursuit of finding Landell, Manifest Destiny sends henchmen to a local bar that Landell had been enjoying a few drinks and invite him to St. Paul. Landell, not taking the outsiders serious, asks them what his payout will be if he joins them to their response being that he doesn’t have a choice and leading to a brawl between Landell and the 3 outsiders. Fighting in the bar, Landell managed to knock out 2 of the outsiders with the 3rd getting the upper hand and knocking him out breaking a pool cue over the back of his head, capturing him and taking him to St. Paul.

Overall this comic is very intriguing and as mentioned previously the artwork is almost flawless. The coloring was phenomenal in this issue.  The western sunset almost jumped off the page and each panel is a visual masterpiece beautifully put together by Dan Schkade.  Together, he and Marissa Louise give us a visually pleasing book to read.

As stated, Manifest Destiny is the exact type of heel you would look for in these scenarios and having a confused and delirious baby face in Landell makes for an interesting dynamic. Issue #2 really built on the good that was established with this series and the excitement for the rest of the issues.

This piece was written as a collaboration with the Nerd World Order Podcast’s Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive. It was edited and formatted by Geekset’s Didge. You can find the Nerd World Order Podcast on Instagram @NWO_Podcast and on Twitter @NWOPodcast. You can find Dougie Fresh on Instagram @trippieh3ndrix and on Twitter @HllyWdTrippie, and JakeXclusive on Instagram @mrjakexclusive and on Twitter @JakeXclusive418. Lastly you can find Geekset on all platforms @GeeksetPodcast, and Didge on all platforms @Didge_Dee.