To start off this might be my favorite cover art of the comics so far with the videogame character selection type screen. Stunning work.

The continuation of Rory and the gang being in pursuit by the WrestleTopians is a very cool story of persistence to prevent Rory’s participation in the upcoming battle.

After spoiling another attack, Rory, Don, and Machito are confronted by a woman named Linda, “Fatback” Billy Mangrum, Derek, and Daryl (who’s back story is told a little bit later on) who haven’t seen each other in years and all ride together to the show. Also the boys are enjoying a “fair” game of wrestling on an Nintendo 64 which is an awesome throwback to my childhood.

Rory and Linda proceed to talk about their past relationship that ended 15 years ago and Linda then goes onto tell a clueless Rory about all that’s happening in the world and how he’s a “headliner” again.

The GALACT-O-MASSACRE commercial that Dick Drasin put together was very cool and definitely displayed the late 80’s/early 90s commercial looks that they had where everything was very over the top and was a very nice addition. Galact-O-Massacre will be the event of the millennium and I’m here for it.  The Nintendo64 takes me back to my childhood, way to capture the 90’s in a single panel! .

I love that the writers and artists decided to use wrestling innuendoes in the names of buildings like a gas station being named Big Poppa’s Pump and a bar being named Smoking Guns… It’s the little details that make this one of the better comics I’ve read. If you’re a wrestling nerd you get this reference. Casual fans may also catch that as well. The book is filled with vibrant covers, which makes every page pop.

After deciding to just head of on his own Rory hops in a truck with  group of guys and as timing would have it as soon as Rory leaves the rest of the gang are attacked by WrestleTopians at the bar.

Making a pit stop for coffee Rory is just waiting for the driver to come back when all of a sudden the doors lock and the voice of Dick Drasin appears on the radio mic, “Hello Rory, I thought we’d talk about your upcoming match….”.

In general, Road Games gives us gems in the form of subtle references to real life wrestlers.  This is something comic book reading, wrestling nerds all over can enjoy thoroughly.  I have been enjoying every issue of this series, it has been a breath of fresh air.

You hear stories about the road trips of wrestlers, and this issue brings those stories to pages. Road games gives us a series of back stabbing, page turning storylines. The tension between Rory and Linda was so thick I felt awkward. But of course our hero is still on his road to redemption so his decisions makes me want to give him a mandible claw.

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