The latest issue of Invasion from Planet WrestleTopia starts off with Manifest Destiny and his goons breaking into the promoters office of Dick Drasin demanding he makes the title unification match between Manifest Destiny and Rory Landell to the disappointment and later threat of altercation he is no longer in communications with Landell. However before Manifest and his goons put the “good hurtin” to Drasin he caves and says that he will attempt to get in touch with Landell, for a cost of course. That the match be on Pay-Per-View to where they come to a 70-30 split on top of other amenities (food, merchandise, things of that nature.) . Two Peas In Pot shows us the money grab that is the wrestling industry even if it’s detrimental to the performers involved.  The portrayal of Dick Drasin as an evil promoter is pretty spot on. The fact that he’s willing to sell out performers to make money is something often told in stories about the business.  I think this adds to the realism in the book, something a hardcore wrestling nerd could definitely get behind.

We then are brought back to Landell tied up and being tormented by Manifest’s goons, when out of nowhere comes a small man named Machito. Not taken seriously by any means Machito starts beating up all the goons allowing Landell’s manager Don to untie him. After major obvious confusion Landell questions the guys about “What the hell’s going on?” Landell, Don, and Machito proceed to drive as Don tells Landell all about Manifest Destiny.

Back in the world wrestling promoters are all gathered to try to find a replacement to face Manifest Destiny instead of Landell who no one can find. Choices are as such, the team of Ivan Kalashnikov and Iron Hussein, The French-Canadian Connection Gaspard Dubois and Pierre Renault, and The American Gigolos.

Back in the car with Landell, they tell the back story of Machito from the 1960’s in San Geronimo, Mexico where Machito was trained by famous masked wrestler El Santisimo. Machito’s backstory in why he joined the business gives the overall arc depth that you don’t realize is missing.  The inclusion of the Lucha Libre style really legitimizes this as a wrestling comic book. 

Celebrating the news of the agreement Drasin and a woman are interrupted by a smashing door created by a WresleTopian chained up like a dog and a woman. Enters more WrestleTopians announcing the law that states if a challenge is sent out it MUST be defended and if Landell fail to appear a match will be held with the number one contender. Walks in “Sunny” Jim Cooley who’s goal is to prevent Landell from getting to St. Paul so he can have his match with Manifest Destiny instead.

This issue takes us on a series of twists and turns that leaves us wondering ‘wow what’s next?’. Invasion From WrestleTopia is beautifully penned and this issue is no different. It truly feels like another great episode of a wrestling show that now brings other characters into the fold and shows the planet WrestleTopia warfare that’s going on amongst themselves as well. We can’t wait to see what’s next.

This piece was written as a collaboration with the Nerd World Order Podcast’s Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive. It was edited and formatted by Geekset’s Didge. You can find the Nerd World Order Podcast on Instagram @NWO_Podcast and on Twitter @NWOPodcast. You can find Dougie Fresh on Instagram @trippieh3ndrix and on Twitter @HllyWdTrippie, and JakeXclusive on Instagram @mrjakexclusive and on Twitter @JakeXclusive418. Lastly you can find Geekset on all platforms @GeeksetPodcast, and Didge on all platforms @Didge_Dee.