We are quickly coming to a close in our Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia series! With only two issues left, Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive trek along with their review of issue #5.

The cover art sets the tone for this issue.  Rory’s going on a trip for real.  We see our hero still trapped in the 16 wheeler talking to Drasin. Straight to the point… Drasin says to Landell who is curious to why Drasin is attempting to get Landell to back out of the match against Manifest Destiny “If you no show the event, You will be world champion for life,” says Drasin to Landell as the ultimate persuasion claiming that the match is bigger then Landell. Claiming Landell is nothing more than a #2 player in the wrestling world. I think Drasin’s nefarious ways shouldn’t be overlooked in this series, as he’s probably the most heartless promoter I have ever seen.  He does anything for money and power. As most promoters do, I suppose, Drasin has no end.

We then are brought back to Landell’s crew being held captive fighting with their captures and eventually getting away.

Landell then driving the Semi he stole to get away from his friends slams on his breaks before an accident and stones from his championship belt come off, he then takes the stone and cuts a hole in the glass window, kicking it, and setting himself free. Blowing up the captive semi truck and walking away from it all with only the belt in hand.

Walking till the morning Landell stumbles upon a campfire in the distance and upon approaching it he meets a man named Jay Warcloud. Jay Warcloud is just in the middle of the desert chilling by a fire? Clutch. Warcloud offers him food and drink and plays some music on a beatbox sitting next to him. Upon Landell’s exit, Warcloud informs Landell that he’s about to go on a wild ride after consuming a peyote that Landell mistook for egg salad. Major acid trip/ hallucinations begin that puts Landell in a wrestling ring and going to have a match against “Mr. Number 1” The Glory Hound! The idea of Rory’s biggest nemesis being himself and his ego is something that was foreshadowed early on in the series.  I like the visual of his inner struggle in the form of a battle royale.  Sometimes our egos get the best of us and Rory did his damndest to make sure he overcame the battle within himself.  “He’s a good kid, just gotta learn to get out of his own way” said perfectly by a man who knew this best.  Sometimes the best advice comes from someone who’s traveled that road.

After the rigorous match/hallucination, Landell ends up in the middle of the road and almost gets hit by  a van, what van you ask? That’s right the SCW van with all of Landell’s friends inside! The van overheats so now the whole crew needs to run for a train heading in the direction they need to go to get to the match and as they all make it Landell ends up in the same cart as Linda to where he finally admits why he left her. He tells her that he left because when he had the belt stripped from him he felt so small that he didn’t want to be a loser in anyone’s eyes.

Upon collecting themselves, the gang is in for a rude awakening as Beast (now unchained) and all the other goons from “Sunny” Jim Cooley’s faction. Fighting all around and even on top of the train cars Landell and the gang eventually defeat all of the enemies on the train and they ride on waiting there arrival to St. Paul.

This piece was written as a collaboration with the Nerd World Order Podcast’s Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive. It was edited and formatted by Geekset’s Didge. You can find the Nerd World Order Podcast on Instagram @NWO_Podcast and on Twitter @NWOPodcast. You can find Dougie Fresh on Instagram @trippieh3ndrix and on Twitter @HllyWdTrippie, and JakeXclusive on Instagram @mrjakexclusive and on Twitter @JakeXclusive418. Lastly you can find Geekset on all platforms @GeeksetPodcast, and Didge on all platforms @Didge_Dee.