Coming from the team over at Suspicious Behavior Productions, Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia tells the tell of a self-declaration gone wrong. Rock ‘n Roll Rory Landell, after being upset with his position in the ring, uses an interview to declare the world championship belt “old news.” “And it don’t matter where you go,” Landell continues, “Venus, Pluto, Saturn. Rock ‘n Roll Rory Landell is the champion of the Universe!” What Landell doesn’t know however, is that this declaration will lead to an invasion from the Planet Wrestletopia, where his actions have been seen as an act of war.

The Nerd World Order Podcast’s JakeXclusive and Dougie Fresh are going through the limited series issue by issue, and we here on Geekset will bring you their thoughts on a weekly basis. Today we look at the opening issue, A Date with Destiny. 

Invasion from Planet Wrestletopia #1 has a fun feel to it from the opening panels to the final page, it is truly a wrestling comic done well. The first thing we noticed are the colors absolutely popping off of the pages so HUGE kudos to the artist Dan “The Body” Schkade.  and colorist Marissa Louise. Marissa Louise’s color work is fantastic.  I really liked the detail in Rory’s robe.  That stood out well. The final reveal at the end blew me away. 

Story wise, we were drawn in immediately, and the tone really gave the feel of old school 80s wrestling vibes and the look of everyone involved had the same impact. The idea of a wrestler being backstabbed by the promoter and going independent shows the trials and tribulations of the business. We get to see beyond the characters and witness the people behind the mask. 

As the story continued on, we were definitely curious about when the namesake was going to come into effect and once Landell left the AWF and naming himself the “Galactic Champion of The Universe,” I had the idea that some extra-terrestrial activity was brewing. Enter Planet Wrestletopia! The planets will collide as we await the arrival of the invading forces led by Manifest Destiny! 

 Overall, the book flows so well that the ending came as a bit of a surprise, and left us wanting more, extremely excited for the next issue. We can without a doubt say that we are enjoying the story. The promos reminded me of actual promos cut, but they fit so well within the context of the book. As wrestling nerds, we were thoroughly impressed. It’s a book any casual fan can get into, and that any hardcore fan should love. 

This piece was written as a collaboration with the Nerd World Order Podcast’s Dougie Fresh & JakeXclusive. It was edited and formatted by Geekset’s Didge. You can find the Nerd World Order Podcast on Instagram @NWO_Podcast and on Twitter @NWOPodcast. You can find Dougie Fresh on Instagram @trippieh3ndrix and on Twitter @HllyWdTrippie, and JakeXclusive on Instagram @mrjakexclusive and on Twitter @JakeXclusive418. Lastly you can find Geekset on all platforms @GeeksetPodcast, and Didge on all platforms @Didge_Dee.