If you haven’t heard, NFL 2k is back baby!! Well, kinda.. 2k sports and the NFL dropped a bombshell on the sports gaming world with such an ordinary tweet and oh man am I excited.

The deal, a multi-year agreement will allow 2k Sports to develop multiple non-simulation football game experiences. So while these games won’t necessarily compete with Madden on the onset, this is definitely a step in the hopefully right direction of bringing true competition back to football games. The actual press release didn’t include any details regarding titles or developers but 2k did confirm that the first games would be released during the 2021 calendar year so I can imagine we’d start getting a trickle of information in the coming months.

Like many sport gamers around the country, we here at Geekset are extremely excited to even see a sign that 2k sports is making NFL games again. NFL 2k5 was amazing, and personally among my favorite football games (RIP to the GOAT NCAA Football.) I’m also interested in what this partnership will be, will this be a return to seeing games like NFL Street & NFL Blitz? Or will 2k bring a version of their MyPark to the NFL world and if so how will that look? There are definitely many questions to be answered and I personally can’t wait for them.

What are your thoughts about the NFL 2k Sports partnership? Are you excited to see a potential challenger to Madden again, or do you think this will be much ado about nothing. Either way, hit Geekset up on Instagram or Twitter @GeeksetPodcast or me directly @Didge_Dee and tell me your thoughts! I’d love to keep the conversation going and hear your reaction to it all, or even some of your NFL 2k memories. Until next time, later!