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Geekset Podcast

The only podcast that blends Hip-Hop Culture & Geek Culture together in one place. 4 Hip-Hop heads (Bacardi, Deuces, Didge & Lib) from Milwaukee, Wi sit down to give you their take on Geek Culture. Everything from Comics, Video Games, Anime, Comic Book Movies, News, Reviews & More. Geekset Episode 84: Gift Wrap   December…

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Geekset Rewind

Geekset Rewind is a rewatch talk-show where Didge and friends sit down to watch different anime, movies, and tv shows that may have not gotten the most press the first time around and discuss why that may be. Geekset Rewind Episode 6 – Season 1 Finale December 15, 2020 Didge Geekset Rewind, Podcast Episodes Comments…

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NWO Podcast

It’s a three-headed dragon! Big Mike, Dougie Fresh, and Jakexclusive, nerding out over things we like!! Wrestling, nerd culture, pop culture, tv shows, movies, video games, anime and anything Mary Jane related like we’re Spider-Man. Check us out! We’d love the feedback! Ep 67: It’s No Sweat   January 13, 2021 Bacardi NWO Podcast Comments…

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1 on 1 w/Deuces

Young Deuces of the Geekset Podcast hosts a new interview show where he speaks with creators, curators and people you should know about Geek Culture and Hip-Hop Culture in a more in depth way than before. With conversations about stigma’s, preferences, perceptions and more: 1 on 1’s w/Deuces. Rob Markman talks Journalism, working w/Marvel, Music…

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