So, I want to start this review off by letting you know that I am a passive game. I don’t play every day, I don’t buy every game. I’m also a very introverted gamer and I prefer games that don’t require teamwork. Shit like Resident Evil, the Last of Us etc. Look at this source for a more detailed description. These are games that I can dive into head first and just get lost. So when I heard that PlayStation was releasing a exclusive Spider-Man game in September (sorry Xbox losers) I was extremely excited and I wanted all parts!

First off, let me tell you that this game is absolutely gorgeous. The developers included every single detail we may know about New York. The crazy taxi drivers, rude people, the buildings, the architecture. Anything you can think of they digitally recreated. It’s so fresh websliging through New York and people yelling out “it’s Spider-Man!” Visually it is a masterpiece.

Let’s get into the game play. If you’ve ever played any of the Arkham Batman games then you’d be familiar with the attack and dodge mechanics of the game. The fighting is extremely fluid, at times it can get a bit clunky if you hit the wrong button and web sling during a fight but honestly, it’s nothing to really complain about. Spider-Man has various combos as well as a focus bar that you can fill up to either heal yourself or do a special one hit combo. There are also a variety of suits that you can unlock by leveling up and collecting “tokens”. (I’ll get into that later) each suit has a special that you can use during the fights. The best thing about this is that the specials are interchangeable and not specific to suit which is super dope to me. In example, I like Spider-Man’s 2099 suit but I don’t like the special, so I usually use the SpiderBro special that comes from his SpiderBro suit. Super fucking dope if you ask me.

Boss battles are also super fun but they’re not straight forward. Spider-Man has never been an in your face fighter. He uses his wits as well as his abilities to take down foes. This is important while playing the game. Most villains won’t allow you to fight them head on so you have to find a way to “trick” the. In order to get your hits in. One of my favorite battles was the fight between Spider-Man, Electro and the vulture. Both of these guys aren’t ground combatants so 100% of the fight is you web slinging around to avoid getting hit whilst trying to attack both villains. It’s was extremely fun and fairly challenging.

My favorite part of the game has to be the open world concept. There is so much to do from taking down Fisk’s operations to doing Black Cat challenges. You also run into petty crimes which you can stop. They vary from kidnappings, to robbery and even car chases. The car chases are super, SUPER dope and probably my favorite thing to do. Completing these challenges rewards you with tokens which you use to purchase new suits and or upgrades on your gear. You can also receive tokens by taking pictures of landmarks and collecting Spider-Man’s book bags. If you’re just now getting this game, I recommend that you collect as many landmark, crime, base and challenge tokens as possible.

The games story line did not disappoint. It mainly revolves around Mr Negative which is a fairly new villain and Norman Osborn. What i liked most about the story is that it’s not so straight forward. It was written kind of like a comic book or even Spider-Man the animated series. At one point I thought I completed the game but NOPE, it got even better. There are some treats in the game for all of you Spider-Man fans that I will not mention. I was definitely not disappointed and even caught myself at times saying NO FUCKING WAY. I’m telling you, this game gets better the longer you play it.

Unfortunately, just like every game there are a few “I hate this shit moments”. Although they’re very minimal in Spider-Man I absolutely loathe anytime I had to play as Mary Jane. Listen, it fucking sucked, it wasn’t exciting and I cringed every time I had to do it. Other than the MJ scenes I have no other complaints about the game.

Over all, I score this game a 9.5 out of 10. It would be a perfect 10 if I didn’t have to do those shitty MJ Watson missions. Lol. The game is beautiful, the game play is spectacular and web slinging is so much damn fun! This is Spidey in his truest form and just to role folks up, this game is way better than the Batman Arkham games. Oh, and before I go, the final boss battle is one of the best boss battles I’ve ever played in my life.

Can I get a Deadpool game in similar fashion? Lol