Sway Calloway and the Sway’s Universe platform has always been at the forefront of opening up opportunities to young black creators and more specifically those who are giving a fresh perspective to pop culture. One of those perspectives that has not been explored enough is the Blerd Culture or more descriptively Black Nerd. The term describes people of color who enjoy all things nerdy and geek regardless of gender, skin tone, sexuality, etc..

Today Sway’s Universe is proud to announce a partnership with Young Deuces, Didge and Bacardi Sensei, the Geekset Podcast team. The team will debut a review series of new content, starting with HBO’s newest show “The Last of Us”.

The Geekset Podcast has achieved plenty of success and accolades on their own from interviewing some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry to being featured in Forbes as one of the next big movements to follow.

Check out new episodes of Geekset on the Sway’s Universe YouTube channel and site weekly, and learn more about Geekset on the links below.


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