Geek Culture is having something of a renaissance. Everywhere you look, stuff that was considered “nerdy” is becoming mainstream; and whether it’s Michael B. Jordan x Coach having their Naruto collab, Zion Williamson x Jordan Brand having THEIR Naruto collab, or Rashida Jones writing a whole ass comic book, Black Geeks are leading that charge. But, that isn’t all that’s happening. Geekdom and specifically Black Geekdom is everywhere, and unfortunately, we don’t always get the notoriety that we deserve. So, we want to change that. The Black Geek Documentary will showcase the past, present, and speak on the future of the Black Geek.

Curated and told by Geekset, we are looking to challenge the narrative that Hollywood sets about the Black Geek. The glasses-wearing Urkel type isn’t the only type of geek, but if you were to look at both the big and little screen, you might not know that. We know, in our many years of living, breathing, and amplifying Geek culture that there are TONS of creators, writers, editors, animators, directors, and more that are the lifeblood of this community and we want to showcase and celebrate them. Because when you think about it, all of these things we love wouldn’t be here without them.

We’ve linked up with the amazingly talented director Brandon “Champ” Robinson of Imagination Upgraded & RedGradeTV [A Black-owned Streaming Service], who has offered to bring his talent to help bring our vision to light.

With this funding, we will be able to film in a Black-Owned sound stage, hire top-tier Talent to interview for the documentary, hire a Black PR company to help get the word out, and work with Black DP’s, Editors, Photographers & Blerd’s throughout the project. Our goal is to truly showcase Black Excellence every step of the way and pay people what they deserve.

Of course, this is our passion project, the culmination of everything that Geekset has been and strives to continue to be. But more importantly, this is our love letter. A letter to the Blerd Community, and everyone who makes it what it is today and what it will be moving forward.

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