We are back with more Q&A’s from the upcoming Virtual Crunchyroll Expo! Today we got the chance to speak with a legend in the cosplay game, Kamui Cosplay. Doing Cosplay’s since 2003, Kamui Cosplay is an extremely knowledgeable source, sharing knowledge and advice through tutorials, videos, books and everything in between. Kamui Cosplay will be a judge at the Crunchyroll Hime’s Cosplay Cup, and we at Geekset got the chance to sit down with her and learn a little more about her journey in Cosplay.

Geekset: You’ve been doing Cosplay for over 17 years, and have become a renowned expert in this field. What would you say was the most challenging/rewarding cosplay you’ve done?

Kamui: I think my most challenging costume was the Protoss Wizard. It was the very first time I seriously got into coding LED strips and created a quite elaborate wig for my own standards. In addition, it was based on my own design and I redid plenty of parts until I was finally happy with the overall look. In total, I worked around a year on this project, but had quite some struggles and issued that forced me to take several breaks. At the end though, it turned out to be one of the more educational projects that introduced me to plenty of new techniques. I also won the Blizzard Costume Competition with it in 2014, so this is clearly an extra bonus point.  

Geekset: What is a character that you haven’t gotten the chance to portray yet, that you want to at first chance?

Kamui: One of my dream characters is Bayonetta. I’m a huge fan of the game, love her design, her character and her story. Bayonetta is just amazing and I would love to cosplay her one day!

You can find Kamui Cosplay this Saturday as a judge on the Crunchyroll-hime Cosplay Cup, and online on twitter and instagram at @KamuiCosplay. For more information about Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and how to register for passes please go to https://expo.crunchyroll.com/CrunchyrollExpo/

  • The guests will appear as judges at Crunchyroll Hime’s Cosplay Cup
    • It’s going to be a showcase of fandom creations judged by performance, construction, and innovation like no other.
  • Date/Time: Saturday, September 5 from 7:00-9:00 PM PT
  • Stage: Crunchyroll Stage