Crunchyroll’s latest original license has had an interesting ride to screen. Originally slated to premiere this year, as with many things, Covid-19 altered those plans. “So I’m a Spider, So What?” will now premiere in 2021, and this light novel turned manga turned anime already has plenty of buzz.

If you haven’t heard, So I’m a Spider, So What, tells the story of young girl who inexplicably finds herself transported into a fantasy world inhabiting the body of a monster spider in a dungeon full of monsters. She has to use her human intelligence and new abilities as a spider to survive in a world full of monsters with higher levels than her. Okina Baba & Tsukasa Kiryu will be at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo giving a sneak preview and talk on their upcoming series and Geekset got the chance to sit down with them and learn a little bit more about the process of going from Light Novel to Manga to Anime.

Geekset: From a story standpoint, what has been the most challenging in adapting your story from Light Novel to Manga to Anime?

Okina Baba: In the novel, you don’t “see” anything other than the insert artwork, so there are literary gimmicks that utilize such aspects. That doesn’t work in the comics. In the anime, you can “see” and also “hear”, so we really struggled with that.

Geekset: From an artistic standpoint, what has been the most challenging in adapting from Light Novel to Manga to Anime?

Tsukasa Kiryu: Since the protagonist is a spider, even though we know she’s human inside, I thought it would be difficult to move her in a way that makes it easy to emphasize with her.

I tried to keep to the shape of actual spiders as much as possible, but still make her cute by deforming her. She has legs attached to her head, so when drawing her looking back or up, I had to rethink how the entire body would move. It was difficult until I got used to it.

I think that Kakashi’s manga version where there are more body segments and the legs are moved to the abdomen, and the anime version where the legs are shifted, are good designs that make it easy to move the body and use it to express emotion. The anime version of Kumoko is very cute, so look forward to it.

So I’m a Spider, So What is slated to premier in January 2021, streaming on Crunchyroll. You can find Okina Baba & Tsukasa Kiryu at Crunchyroll Expo at their panel Crunchyroll Originals Presents: Talk with the Creators of “So I’m a Spider, So What?” on Saturday. For more information about Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and how to register for passes please go to