The countdown is on! In just a few days the citizens of New Crunchy City will be peeling back the virtual curtain to show us all that they can offer, Covid-19 be damned. Crunchyroll Expo will be taking place this weekend from Sept 4-6 and free passes are still available at We at Geekset wanted to sit down with some of the guests slated to be at Virtual Crunchyroll Expo and get the chance to talk about all things anime. So be sure to check back at this page throughout the week as we count down to the Expo in style!

First up on our Q&A’s is the stylish host for Crunchyroll Tim Lyu. Tim has been featured on the Crunchyroll YouTube page and other Social Media channels since 2018, also acting as host and moderator at various Crunchyroll Events. He is the perfect intro to our countdown. Check out below to learn a little bit more about Tim Lyu.

If anyone’s been on Crunchyroll’s youtube channel lately, they would’ve seen that you’ve been the face of some amazing content, everything from videos on your love of sports animes, the gundam timelines, and live action anime movies to detailing anime we’ve probably never heard of. What would you say has been the most rewarding part of partnering with Crunchyroll to create such a fun Youtube presence? 

OH SHUCKS… Y’all are making me blush… For me the biggest reward is just having a job where I get to talk and goof about something I really love and enjoy, which is anime and manga… Honestly young Tim would be ecstatic to know that I have not only a full time job but now talking about the entire Evangelion timeline in that full time job… Good times…

I’m sure you watch a ton of anime, but what are some of your favorites from the current season?

From the current season I am enjoying ONE PIECE with its new Wano arc, I am not caught up all the way but AHIRU NO SORA is another one I’m watching… AND of course THE GOD OF HIGHSCHOOL, gotta do it for my Korean people and fellow WEBTOON fans.

Tim will be involved in various panels at Crunchyroll Expo. His schedule is below.

    • Friday, September 4 at 10:15 AM PT 
    • Hime Stage 
    • Friday, September 4 at 2:30 PM PT
    • Crunchyroll Stage 
    • Friday, September 4 at 6:30 PM PT
    • Hime Stage