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Geekset Forbes Magazine Interview

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Pop culture media and fans who regularly flock to comic book conventions hit a bit of a snag in terms of live events the past two years because of the pandemic. That hasn’t stopped some members of the pop press, like the Geekset podcast, from upping their content production and expanding their reach during Covid times.

“Young Deuces”, “Lib”, “Didge”, and “Bacardi” are the personalities that make up the Geekset podcast.

The show — “The only place that blends Hip-Hop culture and Geek culture together in one place,” per the podcast’s website — has found their unique identity and established their voice in the ever expanding Blerd (Black Nerd) culture.

Having guests like Roy Wood Jr. (The Daily Show) and Phil LaMarr (Pulp FictionMAD TV) on the show, Geekset recently partnered with The podcast has also launched a new show on their YouTube page reviewing action figures, audio equipment and more

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